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Over the Counter Medications

Medicines for self-care/No prescription Required

Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group does not recommend the prescribing of medicines and treatments for minor, short-term conditions where self-care is the most appropriate route and where medicines and treatments are available to buy over the counter. For common conditions that can be treated with a medication that is available to buy over the counter from your local pharmacy, please see your pharmacist. This includes:

coughs and colds oral thrush infrequent migraine warts and verrucae ringworm/athlete’s foot
acute sore throat diarrhoea (adults) mild acne travel sickness fungal nail infections
hayfever and allergies infrequent constipation mild dry skin threadworm cradle cap/dandruff
skin rashes/nappy rash infant colic minor pain, discomfort and fever head lice infrequent cold sores of the lip
heartburn and indigestion haemorrhoids teething/mild toothache nasal congestion conjunctivitis

If at any time you are concerned about your condition or if your symptoms are not improving after a few days of treatment with the over the counter medications you should contact the local pharmacist or the surgery for more advice.